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90 Day Surface Your Greatness® Program

Breakthrough coaching to help you to move from stuck to heartfelt fulfillment.


Online Tools and Resources

You will have access to online program material such as videos, worksheets, and reading. This material will be curated each week of the program to enhance your learning, reflection, planning, and action between sessions.

14 Hours of Group Sessions

You will have the benefit of seven 2-hr live coaching sessions via Zoom in a group setting, with Dr. Angela Dash - known Evoker of Greatness.

Intimate Environment

You will experience a small group experience with no more than 10 members. This intimate environment will inspire mutual support and will be facilitated with the aim of each group member having the trust and sense of safety to share and grow openly.


Greatness is not about doing and having the most.

Greatness is about being the Host.


It’s time to no longer be a visitor in your own life.

Be the Host of your own dreams and reach the heartfelt fulfilment that you have been yearning.


Meet Your Coach

Dr. Angela Dash, PCC

Hi, I'm Angela



As a leader, practitioner, business owner, and a mother of two adult children, I can relate to wanting to transform how I live, lead, and engage – to better show up in life for myself and others. I have earned both professional and general life experiences that make me richly aware of the types of experiential pains and desired gains held by those I serve. I can also testify to the richness that coaching has brought to my own professional and personal life – helping me to gain the deepened awareness and confidence that I need to continue to grow and successfully act on goals that I had once believed were remote.​

​Whether working with individuals or organizations, I have a genuine compassion for my clients. I take care in co-creating a process to support them in exploring and achieving their goals. At my core, I relate to people without judgment and see individuals for their innate greatness. I am on the mission of helping others to grow, glow and work through. I am on the mission of helping others to discover and surface their greatness! 

You see, what I have learned through my own growth and through coaching with others, is that we often believe that our goals are out of reach, because we haven't yet discovered and surfaced our greatness. We lie to ourselves and believe that what we desire is not possible, because of self doubt. We compare our greatness, or what we think is the lack thereof, to the greatness of others, and we become discouraged. 

This 90 day group coaching program is an opportunity to get out of your way, own your strengths, and practice stretching yourself to think and do differently. Take the time to be inspired and surface the greatness that you already possess. Take the opportunity to transform how you lead, how you live and how you engage. Take the opportunity to live in and lead with YOUR greatness.​

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Be Confident. Be Bold. Be Free.

This is your choice. This is your time. This is your life.

Honor Your Story

You will be invited to explore your story. Who are you? What is the story of your life? What are the moments along your journey that have made you greatly unique? How has it inspired you and what you care about?

Voice Your Vision

Imagine having the encouragement and the nonjudgmental space to speak life to your dreams! This is an opportunity to courageously discover and express your ideal self and your ideal future without the limitations of "oughts" and perceived roadblocks.  

Discover Your Greatness

Pivotal to your vision becoming, is discovering your greatness. This program will support you in enhancing your awareness of your uniquely purposed strengths and how they show up in your life and in this world. You will complete a strengths survey and receive an in-depth personalized report that will highlight your core capacities and help you to actualize your interests, passions, talents and skills with enthusiasm and resilience.

Focus Your Goals

We will work together to co-create a process that will allow you to define and explore your goals for growth, including identifying key developmental opportunities in which you can  leverage your strengths to clear a path for your vision.

Find Your Inspiration

There are inspirational sources inside of us and around us, that when accessed, have the ability to stir up movement from within. This program will support you in discovering what inspires you to be fully present for yourself and to move forward in both an intentional and powerful way.

Embrace the Change

Finally, this program will support you in embracing the change that you are seeking, including strengthening your resilience to set and stay the course. You will be both challenged and supported in stretching yourself - to develop a plan and begin taking steps, toward your ideal self and future. This is your opportunity to experiment with living boldly, confidently and freely in your greatness. This is your opportunity to become who you are, already. This is your opportunity to be the host of your own dreams.

This is your opportunity to Surface Your Greatness!

Your Self Investment

$1750 USD

This is a first time program offer reduced rate.

  • 14 hours of group sessions
  • Strengths assessment and a personalized in-depth strengths report
  • A 1:1 one hour private session with Dr. Dash to debrief your strengths report
  • Available worksheets, reading, and podcast and video resources, to help you deepen your learning and support your action between sessions 
  • Pairing with a learning partner from the group to strengthen connection, trust, intimacy, and accountability around key topics in between sessions

Scholarships Available

I believe that no one and no community should be without the resources and compassionate support to grow and develop in a personally meaningful way. I also believe in the importance of using our greatness to change the world. Therefore, scholarships are available to cover the partial cost of group members who are committed to using their unique greatness to support societal change and who are not able to pay the full cost. If this is you, when completing the interest application, indicate that you are seeking to be considered for a partial scholarship, how much you are able to pay, and why you would like to be considered. Scholarship amounts are based on availability of funds.



Real coaching clients sharing their stories of transformation.