Helping people to grow, glow

and work through

My life's work is to help others to surface their greatness. I genuinely believe that everyone is inherently great. I see the greatness that lies within you, even when you don't. It is my mission, whether I'm facilitating a group training, providing individual or team coaching, or helping disputing parties explore possible solutions to sensitive and problematic situations - to help others to learn, grow, and work through while evoking their strengths and their intrinsic motivation and capacity to experience themselves and life in its fullness. Simply put - I care, I serve, you achieve!​

Dr. Angela E. Dash, Evoker of Greatness

Professional Coach | Reputable Trainer | Conflict Management Specialist




P.O. Box 821

Morrow, GA 30260

Tel: 1-770-256-0961

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