I help people to strengthen relationships and set the course, in times of conflict, change and opportunity



Learn. Grow.

Change the World.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi -

1:1 and Group Coaching

Working with an objective thought partner who can support and challenge you in establishing clear goals and recognizing yourself, your situation and your possibilities, can help you move from stuck, to purposeful progress and heartfelt fulfilment.  

Workshop Offerings

Inviting a passionate content expert who is able to creatively curate a significant learning experience and message that is relatable, credible and inspiring, can transform both minds and hearts and can ignite action.

Group Facilitation

Sometimes it takes a third party professional to co-create a process that supports listening, understanding and action. Partnering with a skilled facilitator can aid your group in having tough conversations and making tough decisions. 

Conflict Management

Conflict is an opportunity to strengthen. Agreeing to a third party neutral to support you and your organization in working through conflict situations is an investment in strengthening relationships and strengthening the organization. 

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90 Day Surface Your Greatness® Group Coaching Program

Life is hard. Let's make it easier. When we discover and cultivate our unique greatness, we are our happiest and most fulfilled. This 90 day group coaching program will consist of a small cohort of individuals who all have an intense desire to get out of their way so they can move from stuck to the heartfelt fulfillment that we all deserve.


Featured Workshop

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based guiding style of communication that awakens an individual’s own motivation for change and is an effective communication tool for leaders, counselors, coaches, health care practitioners, and others, to support an individual in their growth and development. It is a way of talking about change with someone who is ambivalent about change, in a compassionate and collaborative way - a way that centers on the individual's well-being and recognizes their wisdom and inherent strengths. Visit thepaceinstitute.com to learn more.





I am constantly designing learning material for the various learning experiences that I facilitate. I'd like to share some of my content with you. Currently,  I'm giving away some handouts that I share in the Motivational Interviewing workshop that I provide. Feel free to send me an email and let me know what resonates with you.

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David J.


Angela has the agency and wherewithal to develop, organize, and manage a business venture and its risks, where others would shrink and cower. Angela easily recognizes opportunities to combine resources that lead to monumental success; she makes well-thought-out business decisions. I marvel at her entrepreneurship—she is extra-ordinary. She is a visionary, a model, an inspiration, and a champion.

Rachel G.

Government Employee

Dr. Dash is an expert in the field of evidence-based practices for at-risk populations. Her extensive experience and diverse educational achievements have made her a top choice for training contracts with the state. Dr. Dash is a gifted trainer with guaranteed satisfaction and results. She is a pleasure to work with and very professional. I’m so thankful I was referred to her by a well-respected colleague.

Amanda L.

HR Professional

Dr. Dash was extremely helpful in providing me with career coaching during a recent job transition. She offered practical solutions and excellent food for thought during each session. She was knowledgeable, compassionate, and went above and beyond to help me to overcome obstacles. As a result, I had more confidence during interviews, and soon after our sessions ended, I accepted a position in my desired field

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