Coaching Testimonials: Stories of Greatness

Real coaching clients sharing their stories of transformation.

Monique Bender | Roswell, Georgia

Senior Underwriting Admin

Bravely adjusting my beliefs to reach a breakthrough

My absolute biggest struggle or concern that transformed as a result of coaching with Angela, was becoming a learner and not a judger. Taking an extra moment to learn rather than be quick to respond or incorporate negative emotion to a situation. Upon beginning my coaching engagement with Angela, I instantly felt grounded and able to overcome any upcoming obstacles. The change that I immediately noticed at the beginning of working with Angela was the amount of stress I have placed on my shoulders were removed. I recognized the feeling when handling conversations. My hands weren’t so sweaty and if they were, I knew to remain quiet and allow others to speak. From the very beginning, I knew Angela was sent at a divine time for me to grow. After the very first call, I walked away feeling lighter and knowing change within myself was occurring. I shared a lot, and nothing was missed by Angela. We truly went step by step and manifested a Senior position and more. At times, I still want to fall into the old self-doubt, but I am able to catch it and not allow it to consume me as long as it once did. I’m able to ask myself long term questions to establish a goal. Others have also witnessed my growth within the workplace and that feels so good. I say to anyone who is on the fence about coaching, the only person you’re hurting is yourself by not reaching out and allowing others to help.

Dr. Mary Conger | Long Island City, New York

Writer and Consultant

Sleep-Deprived Parent of Three Sees Clearly for First Time in Years Thanks to Coaching with Dr. Angela Dash

As a self-employed person considering a career pivot while also parenting small children mid-pandemic, I recognized that my time was both very limited and very fluid. I engaged coaching with Angela because I wanted (needed!) help envisioning how I could transform and thrive within my constraints. I wanted to be purposeful in what I said yes or no to; creative in how I used my resources; and aligned within myself around expectations and goals while remaining open to adaptation as circumstances shifted. Coaching helped me see and say what before I could only sense--the murky was made clear. Not only did I have a better understanding of the What and Why of my work, I also rumbled with the How. I left the experience with a framework for enacting the life I wanted within the life I already had.

Prior to coaching with Angela, I was feeling ambivalent. I knew I had a vision with value, but that it was flitting on the fringes of my professional and intellectual life rather than anchoring its center. I was unsure if I would ever be able to give myself time and permission to investigate the possibility of a reorientation, much less find the energy to enact it.

The "designated container" of an official coaching relationship was immediately transformative. Ideas and concerns that used to vaguely nag at me were instantly legitimized and brought into focus. Right away, I felt the power of having a set time and space to take my concerns seriously, and the delight and ease of having a committed, skilled partner in helping me do so. I knew we would go farther AND faster together.

Angela reflected back to me something I had said, and I was stunned by how profoundly I felt its resonance. I had known this thing intellectually for ages but hearing her say it back to me--in her own words, capturing so well what mattered most about it to me--just blew my hair back. It was somehow like hearing my own voice in a completely new and yet deeply familiar way.

As a result of the coaching engagement with Angela, I feel grounded. Being so clear and excited about what my "yes" is now makes saying "no" very simple. I also feel empowered by the experience of taking myself seriously, of investing resources in a service designed to truly center me and my needs and goals. I think it actually saved me a lot of time and energy in the long run!

To those on the fence about coaching, give yourself this gift. It's a rich experience.

Victor Chima | Stockholm, Sweden

Engineering Manager at Spotify and Co-Founder of MentorColor

MentorColor | Join a global community of 1,000+ Black technologists and People of Color in Tech

I feel emancipated and Angela is to be thanked for that

I had never spent so much time trying to paint out my vision for the life I want to live and then have that as a north star as I make decisions in the present. Working with Angela helped me shape and internalize this picture over a 6-month period. I honestly didn't know what to expect other than that I have heard positive feedback from peers on working with a coach. I gained clarity into how I could structure my present to command the future I want. When I started to live my vision without thinking too much about it, I knew something had stuck. I feel much more confident with where I want to be, how to keep myself on track and I've been able to navigate complex and difficult choices/decisions that I had to make to ensure that I make progress towards my vision. To anyone on the fence about coaching, just go for it already! You're wasting precious time for something that's a must-have :)



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