Facilitator of resolutions 


I offer in-person and virtual mediation services to disputing parties. Mediation is a process whereby disputing parties work toward a resolution of their dispute and change their conflict interaction by discussing issues and exploring options with the assistance of a third party neutral. Mediation is appropriate for various types of disputes. 

adr system design

I assist organizations in designing and implementing an alternative dispute resolution system that supports the timely and constructive management of conflict and disputes. Working with me, would be working with a seasoned conflict management specialist with the knowledge of organizational systems, dispute resolution systems and strategic human resources management. 


As an independent organizational ombudsman, organizations wishing to bring contract-based organizational ombudsman services to their employees have an affordable option. Employees and organizations benefit from having an independent, confidential, informal and neutral resource available to employees to timely work through interpersonal workplace disputes and other workplace concerns.

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